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    We make difficult things simple
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    Project Management, Biotechnology, Microbiology,
    Research & Business Management
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    We provide services around the globe

Who We Are

Reath Sciences offers technical consulting and management services to companies, governments, academic institutions, and international organizations worldwide. From project administration to product validation, we deliver sustainable scientific solutions where they are needed the most.

What We Do


Founded by scientists with decades of experience in facilitating biosecurity in emerging scientific markets, Reath Sciences’s interdisciplinary team is uniquely positioned to deliver an extensive range of services to our partners.


In addition to project management and technical support, we provide scientific training, proposal and publication development, and targeted mentorship.


To advance the development of sustainable scientific systems, we also offer baseline assessments of biosurveillance and research networks in situ, and business analyses of product manufacturing opportunities in developing regions.

Our Network

Beyond our extensive skills and experience, Reath Sciences is backed by a network of scientific contacts in Africa, Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, and the United States. Through this network, we connect partner scientists with international researchers, qualified trainers, and subject matter experts to establish collaborative relationships that will continue to drive scientific progress long after formal engagement has ended.

Contact Us

  • 4025 Childress Road, Christiansburg VA 24073
  • +1 540 808 2314
  • www.reath.co

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